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Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic vaccinations People are travelling more regularly and further afield, yet many are unaware of the health risks associated with such travel, particularly to Asia, Africa and South America.

Reach Pharmacy Travel Clinic and Sexual Healthcare Clinic serves to advise and support travellers with healthcare needs through vaccinations and travel aids. We would not advise anyone to travel abroad without checking if they need a vaccination so, whether you're filling a gap year or back-packing with friends, off to an international conference or just a seasoned traveller, please don't travel without seeking advice first, ideally two months before you travel.

We provide a complete travel health service tailored to your individual needs. Our travel nurses can provide pre-travel consultations, which allows them to advise on your immunisation needs and the potential risks in the country to which you are travelling, which may expose you to conditions such as typhoid, meningitis, cholera or yellow fever. We are a registered Yellow Fever centre.

The Travel and Sexual Health Clinic is run by our specialist trained pharmacists who have gone through extensive training to allow them to administer this service  additionally our clinic at 1094 Argyle street is a Yellow Fever designated centre. The Pharmacists will review your itinerary; complete a full risk assessment and plan immunisations, anti-malarials if required and health advice for your trip. View Travel Clinic Prices

We work closely with GP surgeries, such as the Barclay Medical Centre, so can also assess the impact of any pre-existing chronic medical conditions on your vaccine requirements.

Reach Pharmacy is also an award-winning Partner Vaccination Centre, for administering the meningococcal (ACWY) vaccination, which supports travellers planning to go on Hajj or Umrah.

We also help order supplies for your trip, such as anti-malarial tablets or mosquito nets, as well as a range of travel medicines and vaccines, which we offer at more competitive rates than High Street outlets. You may also qualify for our 10% traveller discount!

We can also provide special offers to travellers who have previously received travel vaccines from Reach Pharmacy Travel Clinic and Sexual Healthcare Clinic, as well as offering pre-arranged early morning and evening appointments. If it is possible, we would suggest that you seek travel health advice between four to eight weeks prior to your trip.

Appointments can be made by filling out your query on the form on Contact Us section or by phoning 01412040298